SafeRacks Garage Storage Solution Reviewed

SafeRacks 4’x8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack: Review

Garage Storage Problem? 

The SafeRacks 4’x8′ shelving unit is an amazing solution that sits above your garage door or can be mounted anywhere on the ceiling. You don’t even know it is there and can hold an absurd amount of stuff. It maximizes garage space and keeps your items organized. With its steel construction and ample storage capacity, this overhead rack is perfect for those struggling with clutter and limited garage space. Bonus: it comes with a ton of accessories for hanging items as well.

TB Quick Hits (Summary):

  • Innovative storage solution that can be installed above your garage door
  • Take advantage of this dead space with a shelving unit that can hold A LOT.
  • This can hold up to 8 – 27 gallon bins (more if not above garage)
  • Adjustable drop height makes it super flexible for any area in your garage
  • If installing yourself – you will need a good stud finder!

SafeRacks Shelving Solution

Trent’s Buys HQ had a serious garage storage issue. With all my kid’s toys, I was running out of room. Enter my SafeRacks shelves. I was looking for something to store items I don’t use often. Example – Christmas lights. So I fired this up on Costco and let it rip. You can also find it on Amazon as well. Costco has the best pricing if you are a member. Before ordering if you do want to store over your garage door, be sure to measure the gap from ceiling to garage door when open.

SafeRacks installed with adjustable drop height Ceiling Drop Range – Adjustable Shelf Heights

One of the standout features of the SafeRacks garage shelving storage rack is its adjustable ceiling drop range. Drop range is essentially how far it hangs down from the ceiling. I wanted it over the garage door so mine is not dropped too low, but if installing it in a corner or elsewhere you can stack even more gear up there. Whether you have a high-ceiling garage or a standard-height one, you can customize the rack position to fit your needs.

SafeRacks installed above garage doorEase of Installation And Assembly

The SafeRacks Overhead Garage Shelving Storage Rack was relatively easy to install. It definitely takes some time but nothing was super difficult. It comes with all the hardware you need and a step-by-step installation guide, making the process straightforward even for those who aren’t particularly handy around the house.

Installing your SafeRacks garage shelving into a ceiling stud is crucial for ensuring it can handle the weight you throw up there and maintaining the safety of the storage system. Ceiling studs provide a solid anchor point, ensuring that the weight of the stored items is distributed evenly across the structure of your garage, preventing potential accidents, and damage. To identify these studs, an electronic stud finder is an invaluable tool. This device simplifies the process and accurately locates studs beneath the ceiling surface. A stud finder is crucial! I would not do this project without one.

StudFinder - crucial DIY tool
Trent’s Buys Stud Finder clearly works (textbook joke)

Durability and Capacity

Made from industrial-strength steel with a powder-coated finish, the SafeRacks is just SOLID. Its ability to hold up to 600 lbs. is particularly impressive, giving you the freedom to store heavy items like car parts, large tools, and bulky equipment.

SafeRacks durability
600 lbs capacity!

Storage Capacity for Containers | You Will Want To Buy These

The SafeRacks 4’x8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack is great for container storage. It’s specifically designed to hold up 8 – 16 Greenmade 27-gallon storage containers comfortably. I scooped these at Costco but Home Depot has them as well and they are around $10-$20 depending on where you buy them. They hold a lot and being able to fit 8 above garage or more if shelves are somewhere else is pretty sweet.

27 Gallon Bins for SafeRacks Garage StorageSafeRacks Garage Shelving Accessories

SafeRacks also include a bunch of hooks to hang on the side for bikes, tools, or anything else. It is a nice touch and boosts functionality. I did not use them given the location of our shelving unit, but I appreciate the versatility.

SafeRacks Accessory Hooks

Budget Option: MonsterRax 4 x 8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Vs. SafeRacks Garage Shelving

When comparing the MonsterRax 4 x 8 Overhead Garage Shelving to the SafeRacks 4 x 8, they look identical. I do not have first-hand experience with MonsterRax but they seem to fit the bill if you want to save some money. SafeRacks has a better brand name so I spent the extra $$$. The SafeRacks “mesh” on the shelving unit seems stronger as well. From Costco SafeRacks is an extra $50. If you buy the two-pack set it ends up being the same price per unit as MonsterRax.

Purchase MonsterRax on Amazon: Click Here

Why SafeRacks Garage Shelving is a Great Solution

All in all – the SafeRacks 4’x8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack is a great product for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient garage storage solution. Its ceiling drop range, storage capacity, and durable construction make it worth it. You don’t even know it’s there. If you are not a Costco member – MonsterRax is probably your best solution on Amazon.

SafeRacks on Costco: Click Here

MonsterRax on Amazon: Click Here

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