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The Best Smart Garage Control | myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Monitor

Ever wonder if your garage is closed? I have. “Did I forget to close the garage door?” – standard question in my household. MyQ is here to end that. Cue the epic myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Monitor and Control, your answer to these brutal moments. This WiFi smart garage door monitor is not just smart, it works on almost any garage and it is only $29. With live status alerts and remote garage door monitoring/operation, this could quite possibly be the greatest device we have purchased. Seriously.

TB Quick Hits (Summary):

  • Could be our favorite smart home product of all time
  • Live garage door monitoring alerts – open and close timestamps
  • Remove operation – let in people when needed from anywhere
  • Full Tesla integration
  • CHEAP – only $29 and makes almost any garage door smart.

Get ready to level up your garage door game with the myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control. It’s not just about opening doors, this bad boy opens a whole new world of possibilities in garage door monitoring.

Key MyQ Features

  • Wireless Garage Door Opener: Provides remote operation of your garage door.
  • Smart Garage Door Status: Equipped with advanced sensor technology, the myQ Chamberlain Garage Control lets you know if the garage is open or closed.
  • Smartphone Controlled: Use your smartphone to open and close your garage door with the MyQ app.

MyQ Smart Garage Control Compatibility – Your Regular Garage Door’s Best Friend

Who said an old garage door opener cannot be smart? With the myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control, your regular garage door gets an upgrade. Whether your garage door is a dinosaur or a fresh unit, the myQ Smart Garage Control is ready to link up and give it a whole new lease on digital life.

So if your garage door is feeling a bit left behind in this wifi-driven world, it’s time to introduce it to its new best friend – myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control.

Works with our cheap Genie garage
Works with Trent’s Buys cheap Genie garage door opener

Installation and Setup

The myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control is easy to set up. Within minutes, you’ll be monitoring your garage door from your phone and getting live alerts. Simply mount the hub to the ceiling, connect the Wi-Fi Garage Hub to your home network, mount the sensor to your garage door, and boom! Done! You’re ready to control your garage door from your smartphone.

Installation Steps for MyQ Smart Garge Control

Let’s take a magical journey through the installation process for the myQ-G0401-ES. Don’t you worry, it’s as easy as pie.

  1. Install Hub – Attach the mounting plate to the ceiling. Plug in hub.
  2. Get connected: Plug your myQ Smart Garage Hub into a power outlet. The Hub should be within Wi-Fi range and give you line-of-sight to your garage door. The blue LED on the front of the Hub will begin to blink, which means it’s ready to connect.
  3. Launch App: Download the myQ App on your smartphone. Follow the in-app instructions to connect your Hub to your Wi-Fi network. The LED will glow solid when it’s successfully connected.
  4. Attaching the sensor: Mount the door sensor to the top panel of your garage door using the provided adhesive tape or screws. This sensor will let your Hub know whether your garage door is feeling open or closed.
  5. Syncing it all up: Follow the in-app instructions to pair your sensor with your Hub. Once paired, you can name your sensor (we went crazy with “Trent’s Home”) within the app.
  6. The Final Touch: Follow the prompts on the app to complete the setup process to connect MyQ to your garage door opener. This involves hitting the LEARN button. After a successful test run, you’re all set to control your garage door from anywhere!

MyQ Smart Garage App

Now that you’ve successfully installed your myQ Garage Hub, it’s time to get to know your new companion, the myQ App.

Status: Launch the myQ App. You’ll see a sleek interface showcasing your garage doors. If you named your sensor “Garage”, it will appear right there. You’ll see an ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’ status next to your garage door’s name. It’s that simple.

MyQ Garage Monitor Satus
MyQ Garage Monitor Satus

Operation: Need to close the garage door from your office? Let in your extended family? Tap on your garage door’s name and then on the ‘Close’ or ‘Open” button. Your garage door will start closing or opening.

History: See the garage door open and closed history. Click “History” in bottom

MyQ Garage Monitor History
MyQ Garage Monitor History

The power to control your garage door is literally at your fingertips. Welcome to the convenience of the myQ Smart Garage Hub and the myQ App!

Versatility and Compatibility | Any Garage Since 1993

The myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control is designed to play nice with most brands of garage door openers made after 1993. Plus, it’s compatible with a variety of smart home systems including Google Assistant and IFTTT. So, whether you’re an Android enthusiast or an Apple fanboy, you’re set with this WiFi garage opener.

MyQ Bonus Features | Amazon Key | Tesla Integration

MyQ Tesla Integration: Elevating the Driving Experience

One of my favorite features of the myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control is its seamless integration with Tesla. My garage door automatically opens when I am within 75 feet of the garage, hands-free.

With the myQ app linked to your Tesla, you can control your garage door straight from your car’s touchscreen. As you approach your home, a simple tap on your Tesla’s screen can open your garage door, and another tap can close it as you leave. No more fumbling for a separate garage door remote or using your phone while driving.

The myQ app also sends real-time alerts to your Tesla’s screen, notifying you if your garage door is left open. This means you can cruise around town in your Tesla with the peace of mind that your garage is secure.

MyQ Tesla Integration
Perfect MyQ Garage Monitor Tesla Integration

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery – Free for Prime Members with myQ Sensor

But wait, there’s more! With the myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control, you’re not just buying a WiFi garage opener, enter Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery.

Exclusively for Prime members, this service is as cool as it sounds. It allows your Amazon packages to be securely delivered inside your garage. And guess what? It’s free with your myQ sensor! This means you can go about your day without worrying about your online shopping being snatched from your doorstep. Simply link your myQ app with the Key by Amazon app, and BOOM! You’ll receive real-time notifications about your deliveries – when they’re scheduled, delivered, and most importantly, safely tucked away in your garage.

So say goodbye to package pirates with Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery. It’s just another way the myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control adds value to your daily life.

MyQ Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery
MyQ Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery

MyQ Price – Unbeatable Any Smart Garage Door System

Now let’s talk about the price. Brace yourselves, the myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control is available for just $29. Yes, you read that right.

For $29, this product is a no-brainer. So why wait? Dive into the future of garage door monitoring today and let the myQ change your world, one open (and closed) garage door at a time.

Trent’s Buys Wrap Up

The myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control isn’t just a WiFi Garage Opener; it’s a game changer and one of our favorite smart home accessories. No more anxiety about leaving your garage door open. Additional features include remote access for friends and family, Amazon Key, and Tesla Integration all for $29. Experience the joy of worry-free, garage door monitoring – get your myQ today!

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