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Best Tesla Model Y Accessories | Reviewed

Tesla Model Y Accessories – Must Haves

Here at HQ, I recently purchased a 2023 Tesla Model Y. A life-changing experience from purchase (everything through the app) to daily driving. Insane speed, Autopilot, tons of room, and no gas stations! I am a big accessory guy for your vehicle and this was no different. Instantly, I hit YouTube, Reddit, and the forums to find the best Tesla accessories. There are a lot of unnecessary items heavily promoted by YouTubers, so here we are focused solely on the essentials—the quality must-haves that genuinely enhance your drive and ride.

Let’s dive in on the best Tesla Model Y accessories.

TB Quick Hits (Summary):

  • Lots of unnecessary accessories are heavily promoted on the internet
  • This is our definitive list of great additions and some aesthetic changes
  • I cannot speak higher of the team at amazing products and their support team is amazing (Especially Christal – she has helped me immensely along the way)
  • We balanced price and quality with our selections

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  1. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT]
  2. Door Sill Protection
  3. Performance Pedals (For Standard and Long Range Model Y Owners)

  4. Air Conditioner Vent Guards | A Must If You Have Kids

  5. Cup Holder Insert
  6. All Weather Floor Mats

  7. Center Console Organizer | Boost Storage Space

  8. Underseat Storage Bin

  9. Center Cap Decals

  10. Spoiler (Long For Standard and Long Range Model Y Owners)

  11. Jack Pads

Best Interior Accessories for Comfort and Functionality

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [GlasTR EZ FIT]

The Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector is specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3 and Y dashboard touchscreen. This protector, with its matte/anti-fingerprint finish, keeps your screen fingerprint-free and most importantly scratch free. Super easy install with the EZ Fit template – lines up the screen protector for you so you don’t put it on sideways or hang an edge. There are cheaper options out there but I trusted Spigen – a very quality company that is known for their tech accessories.

Spigen Screen Protector


  1. Installation Ease: The GlasTR EZ FIT feature simplifies installation, reducing the likelihood of bubbles and imperfections. With the included guidance frame, applying the screen protector is super easy even for a rookie.
  2. Quality Material: The tempered glass is robust and durable, designed to resist scratches and impacts.
  3. Anti-Fingerprint Finish: The matte finish effectively reduces glaring and fingerprints, maintaining a clean and clear screen consistently. I rarely have to do the olde wipe down.


  1. Price: While you’re paying for quality, the Spigen screen protector is pricier than many other brands on the market.
  2. Matte Finish: The anti-fingerprint feature is a plus but the matte finish can slightly reduce the screen’s vibrancy, mildly affecting the display quality.

Available on Amazon: Click Here

BMZX Tesla Model Y Door Sill Protector Review

The BMZX Door Sill Protector for the Tesla Model Y is made from carbon fiber and keeps your car’s interior looking pristine. The set includes four scuff plates to guard both the front and rear door sills against scratches and damage. I really purchased this for the rear door sill as every time my son stepped in with his dirty baseball cleats, the door sill carpet was a pain to clean. I think the added benefit here is they actually look amazing and were easy to install. The rears install with velcro and the fronts with double-sided tape.

Tesla Model Y Door Sill Protectors
Before and after on front doors. Rear Door still pictured above.


  1. Material Quality: The carbon fiber material used for these door sill protectors is both strong and lightweight, providing excellent resistance against scratches and marks that can occur over time.
  2. Easy Installation: The process of installing these protectors is straightforward. Took me about an hour total, as I tucked them under the weather stripping for a perfect fit.
  3. Looks: The carbon fiber finish gives the protectors a stellar look. This accessory not only provides protection but looks sweet.


  1. Price: As with other high-quality accessories, the price of the BMZX Door Sill Protector set is on the higher side and seems expensive for what they are.
  2. Fit: Although these protectors are designed explicitly for the Tesla Model Y, it can take a bit to get them perfect.

Available on Amazon: Click Here

Performance Pedals (For Standard and Long Range Model Y Owners)

The Abstract Ocean Performance Pedals are an excellent addition to your Tesla Model Y if you’re aiming for the look and feel of the Performance model. Made from aluminum alloy and rubber, these pedals provide a significant upgrade to the aesthetics of your vehicle’s interior. They look identical to the OEM versions on the Model Y Performance. Installing the brake pedal is super easy. The gas pedal requires a bit more finessing, using a heat gun can help soften the rubber to peel it around the pedal.

Tesla Model Y Performance Pedals


  1. Quality Material: The Abstract Ocean Performance Pedals are made from a tough, non-slip aluminum alloy, promising a firm grip and long-lasting durability. They feel great under your right foot.
  2. Enhanced Look: These pedals provide a sporty and premium feel reminiscent of the Performance model.


  1. Price: Some users may find the cost of these performance pedals a bit steep, especially considering they’re essentially decorative elements and don’t offer any real performance benefits.
  2. Fitment Issues: There have been isolated reports of fitment problems. Particularly some people saying they couldn’t feel their fingers after installing the gas pedal.

Buy on Abstract Ocean: Click Here

Air Conditioner Vent Guards | A Must If You Have Kids

This is a pretty random pickup, but a must-have if you drive children around regularly. The Air Conditioner vents under the seat in a Tesla Model Y and 3 angles down. So if little Timmy drops a Skittle down there you will hear it rattle on every turn. I have read on Reddit that fishing one of those Skittles out can be $200-$800 dollars in repairs. So purchasing these from Etsy for $12 is a great call. They snap right into place and are great.

Tesla Model Y Air Conditioner Vent Guard

Available on Etsy: Click Here

Cup Holder Insert

The Abstract Ocean Cup Holder Insert for the Tesla Model Y is a practical addition to your Tesla’s center console. It is designed to prevent your cups and bottles from tipping over while the vehicle is in motion. Many YouTubers push the rubber insert but I found it annoying to insert and remove cups sliding against the rubber and it was not a perfect fit. This insert prevents cups from tipping and looks like it came from the factory.

Abstract Ocean Model Y Cupholder insert


  1. Durable Material: Manufactured from a durable and flexible 3D printed material, it slides right in and is snug. Its not going anywhere.
  2. Cup Stability: No spills
  3. Easy to Clean: The smooth surface and simple design, the cup holder insert is easy to clean.


  1. Availability: I went with the OEM color and often times it is sold out.

Purchase on Abstract Ocean: Click Here


I purchased these and they just were brutal.

Tesla Model Y Rubber Cup Holder Inserts

All Weather Floor Mats

Abstract Ocean All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y

The Abstract Ocean all weather floor mats are a great option for Tesla Model Y owners. Made from high-quality thermoplastic elastomer material, these mats are built to endure all weather conditions, protecting your car’s interior from dirt and spills. They fit like a glove, have velcro on the back so they stay put and can be hosed down or pressure washed for easy clean.

Almost every YouTuber pushes and promotes the 3D Madpider mats. They are awesome, but I just couldn’t live with the 3D logo. I wanted a clean look. These are identical to 3D’s from what I can tell and are just great. Also – CHEAPER.

Abstract Ocean All Weather Mats Tesla Model Y


  1. No Logo Design: Unlike the 3D Maxpider mats, these mats have a clean and minimalistic design with no logo.
  2. Durability: These mats are resilient and durable, designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions, ensuring long-term protection of your car’s floors. I have pressure washed them several times and they have held up.
  3. Easy to Clean: The mats’ smooth surface makes them easy to clean, saving you valuable time and effort


  1. None! They just do the job!

Available on Abstract Ocean: Click Here

Center Console Organizer | Boost Storage Space

Tesla’s OEM center console storage is $29 and only comes with two pieces. I went with this Basenor 3PCS Center Console Organizer and it is a must-have for all Tesla Model Y and Model 3 owners seeking to maximize the utility of their center console space. The sliding tray drops right in and adds a second level for quick grab items. The armrest organizer ensures it’s not just a massive dumping ground for items. The bonus to this kit is it comes with a secret storage compartment to go under the armrest.

Console Storage Tesla Model Y


  1. Increased Organization: The Basenor Center Console Organizer significantly increases the storage capacity of your console, providing a dedicated space for sunglasses, keys, and other small items that may otherwise get lost.
  2. Quality Materials: Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, this console organizer is designed to withstand daily use. I like that these are the “flocked” felt material – does not show dirt as much.
  3. Easy Installation: Super easy installation. Just drop them in!


  1. Cleaning: The flocked material is easy to vacuum but is more difficult if you spill something major. That is where a rubber one is better but I think it shows more dirt, crumbs, etc.
  2. Price: The Basenor Center Console organizer is slightly more expensive than others on, however, the quality is worth the cost.

Available on Amazon: Click Here

Second Option – Abstract Ocean makes a great set of rubber ones if you would prefer that material over “flocked.” Click HERE

Jawjut Front Under Seat Storage Organizer

The Jawjut Front Under Seat Storage Organizer is a nice accessory for Tesla Model Y owners who are seeking additional, discrete storage space. Constructed from a combination of TPE and ABS, this double-layer hidden storage box fits snugly under the front seat, providing a nifty space to stash your belongings.

Tesla Model Y Underseat storage


  1. Extra Storage: The Jawjut Front Under Seat Storage Organizer gives you additional room to store small to medium-sized items, effectively de-cluttering the interior of your car.


  1. Compatibility: The Jawjut Front Under Seat Storage Organizer is difficult with all-weather floor mats. If you have all-weather mats installed, this storage bin is super annoying to slide out.
  2. Size Limitations: While it adds extra storage, it’s only suitable for small to medium-sized items. Large items won’t fit in this storage bin.

Purchase from Amazon: Click HERE

Exterior Accessories for Your Model Y

Center Cap Decals

I have the 20″ Induction wheels on my car and love them. However, I could not get over the fact there was no logo in the center. This decal set from Amazon is fantastic. I even added the turn signal logos which I think adds a nice touch. Aaron from Custom Cut Graphics is the man. He sent me some extras and was super nice to work with as I wanted to add the turn signal indicator logos and they were not mentioned in the set on Amazon. Highly recommend!

Tesla Model Y Center Cap Decals

Purchase from Custom Cut Graphics on Amazon: Click Here

Spoiler (For Standard and Long Range Model Y Owners)

The Tesmanian Rear Trunk Carbon Fiber Spoiler is an excellent accessory for Model Y owners looking for a sportier upgrade that mimics the Model Y Performance. This aftermarket accessory closely mirrors Tesla’s OEM spoiler but is $329 vs Tesla’s $800. Installation is simple and the same as the OEM version – automotive-grade double-sided tape. Pro Tip – if you have some gaps which the Tesla version does too – use some black silicone to seal it.

Tesmanian Model Y Spoiler


  1. Affordable: The most significant advantage of the Tesmanian Rear Trunk Carbon Fiber Spoiler is its price point. At almost $500 less than the Tesla OEM version, it provides an affordable alternative for adding a spoiler to your Model Y.
  2. OEM Look: This spoiler is designed to closely mimic the appearance of the Tesla OEM version, adding to the exterior aesthetics of your Model Y.
  3. Easy Installation: The Tesmanian spoiler comes with a clear instructions and the necessary tools for installation, making the process straightforward and hassle-free. Check out theirYouTube videos as well, super helpful.


  1. Fit and Finish: While the fit is generally good and I had no issues, I have read some reviews of users having issues but the people at Tesmanian are responsive and helpful.

Buy on Click Here

Low Profile Model Y Mud Flaps by Abstract Ocean

The Low Profile Model Y Mud Flaps by Abstract Ocean are an ideal accessory for Model Y owners interested in preserving the exterior of their vehicle. These mud flaps are designed to be identical to Tesla’s OEM flaps, ensuring a seamless fit for your Model Y. Literally the fronts are EXACTLY the same as the Tesla versions. The benefit here is for an extra $3 you get the rear mud flaps too. I own both (Abstract Ocean and Tesla) and cannot tell a difference from the front flaps vs Tesla OEM flaps. They have definitely helped keep dirt from accumulating on the tailgate and down the side of the front doors.

Tesla Model Y Mudflaps


  1. Identical to Tesla OEM: The most significant advantage of these mud flaps is that they are designed to match the Tesla OEM mud flaps. For just $3 more, you not only receive the front flaps, but also the rear ones, which Tesla does not offer.
  2. Dirt Protection: These mud flaps effectively keep less dirt and debris from the exterior of your Model Y, keeping it cleaner over time.
  3. Value for Money: At a marginal cost increase from the Tesla OEM version, these mud flaps also come with a set for the rear.


  1. Range Impact: Some believe these affect your range. No definitive studies and I think since Tesla sells them, it cant be that bad.

Purchase on Abstract Ocean: Click Here

Safety Accessories for Tesla Model Y (or any Tesla – Model S, X, 3)

Jack Pads

The Jack Pads for Tesla Model Y (and other Tesla models S, X and 3) are one of the smartest and most practical accessories you can invest in for your vehicle. Designed to be used with the floor jack or professional lift, these pads provide an additional layer of protection when lifting your Tesla, ensuring that the battery or chassis isn’t damaged. Some tire shops won’t work on your Tesla if you don’t have these. I purchased just in case I get a flat tire far from home.

These particular Jack Pads, available on Amazon, come highly recommended based on their price point and stellar user reviews. All in all, having Jack Pads in your Tesla is a smart decision that can save you from the risk of potential damage and expensive repairs.

Tesla Jack Pads

Available on Amazon: Click Here

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