The Buy List

A running list of current favorite products, must-haves, and game changers. 

Latest Hot Buys


SunGod Polarized Shades

The BEST polarized shades. I reached the end of the internet to find the highest quality optic at a reasonable price. These are the best lenses on the market and start at $75. BONUS: Sungod allows you to custom-build your shades with colors, logos and lenses

Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 6

Best Tennis Kicks

As a long-time Adidas Barricade power user – I finally switched to the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5’s (now 6’s) and haven’t looked back. These will have you winning all your matches for both Pickle and Tennis.


Noco GB40 battery Jump starter

NOCO GB40 Car Battery Jump Starter

Never have a dead battery again. Good for 20 jump starts – I keep one of these in all my cars. Can also charge your phone!

Technology Products

Withings Scanwatch 2

Best Smart Watch

I have worn a Withings watch for 10 years since the original Activite. I love the hybrid look with all of the features of a full smartwatch. Throw in 30-day battery life and its one of the best watches out there.

Acer Nitro 4K Curved Monitor

The Best Work and Gaming Monitor

I reached the end of the internet on this one. It has the best refresh rate, full 4K resolution, HDMI 2.1 (perfect for PS5) and is curved all for under $500. The only one out there.

Home Products

Best Budget Robot Vacuum

The Roomba 694 balances cleaning power, and automated scheduling for the right price. This has been a welcome addition to HQ and definitely keeps the house cleaner. Runs every night on its own.

SafeRacks installed above garage door

Extra Garage Storage with SafeRacks

Maximize your garage storage with a SafeRacks 4’x8′ shelving unit. It is an amazing solution that sits above your garage door or can be mounted anywhere on the ceiling. You don’t even know it is there and can hold an absurd amount of stuff.

Everything Else

Henson Shaving Hero Image

Henson AL13 Safety Razor

This precision-milled Henson AL13 Safety Razor is amazing. Save money with100 Blades for $9.99 and a irrittation-free shave that won’t break the bank.