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Our Sungod Sunglasses Review

As a huge sunglasses fan, I am always on the hunt for the perfect pair. And when my beloved Maui Jims met their ultimate fate in the jaws of a Florida wave while launching my kids on waves, I set out on a mission to find a new favorite. After scouring the internet – yes, I think I reached the end of the internet one night, I stumbled upon Sungod a company out of the UK, and their revolutionary 8KOP lens. This is Trent’s Buys official Sungod Sunglasses review – what we think are the best custom polarized shades on the planet. We were intrigued by these custom sunglasses because of the price point and as huge racing fans the fact that the McLaren F1 team uses Sungod. So, I decided to give them a try. And my goodness they delivered. So much so, I have convinced several of our friends to take a flyer on an order from the UK.

TB Quick Hits (Summary)

  • We are huge sunglass nerds and I reached the end of the internet to find the highest quality optic at a reasonable price
  • These are the best lenses on the market and start at $75
  • BONUS: Sungod allows you to custom-build your shades with colors, logos and lenses
Our First Sungods
My First Two Sungods – Tortoise and Infinite Gray

About Sungod Sunglasses

Right off the bat, Sungod glasses are a vibe. They are not your run-of-the-mill, buy-it-off-any-shelf kind of shades. These are game-changing sunglasses, saving your eyes from the scorching sun’s mean glare. The beauty of Sungod glasses lies in their option to design your own custom sunglasses. Want the frame to match a golf bag? Done! Want mirrored polarized lenses? Done!

Sungod Sunglasses Review

Polarized Lenses (this is what sold us)

The Sungod 8KOP lens is truly the piéce de résistance of the Sungod sunglasses. These lenses are not just your average lens. They are 8 layers of optical precision, hence the name 8KOP, each serving its own unique purpose. They offer superior clarity, they’re impact-resistant (great news for everyone who loves scratching their polarized lenses), and they provide 100% UV protection.

Drink this in for lens quality: They are made from nylon and have an Abbe value of 45, which is up to 70% clearer than industry-standard polycarbonate lenses. It’s scientifically proven to be clearer than the surface of the human eye, which means you’ll see the world in a whole new way. Clearer than your eye? Works for us at Trent’s Buys. Some epic UV protection.

To date, we have purchased 9 custom styles of these sunnies:

  1. Three Sungod Classics
  2. Sundogd Renegades and two
  3. Sungod Sierras.
  4. Our builds have featured some wild colors with mirrored lenses and some more stylish reserve styles for your classier events.

Our first pair of Sungod Classics sunglasses:

Toirtose with gold lenses and gold logos:

Sungod Classics in Gold
Trent’s Buys first set of Sungod Sunglasses

Our First Sungod Renegade Sunglasses

Sungod Renegades in Blue
Our Sungod Renegades

Next up on our list is a custom McLaren set:

McLaren Sierras

Lifetime Guarantee

Sungod’s Lifetime Guarantee is real for frames. One of my pairs started to peel, so I emailed customer service a photo of our pair of sunglasses. The next day new frames were coming my way. That easy. The team at Sungod Sunglasses is so confident about the quality and durability of their sunglasses that they’re willing to bet on it with a Lifetime Guarantee. So, if your shades get into a spat with gravity or decide to have an unexpected battle with your keys, no need for tears. The lifetime guarantee has got you covered, making sure your investment in the finest optics stays secure and sparkling for – you guessed it – life. Now that’s what we call a game-changer!

Customize Your Frames

At Sungod, the power to create your dream shades is at your fingertips. You can select from four styles: classic, renegade, sierra, and pacebreaker. Once you’ve chosen your style, you can dive into a rainbow of frame colors. Are you a ‘Toirtose’ or more of a ‘Mojito Green’ person? For my first pair, I went with Toirtose with Gold Mirrored lenses.

Next, the lenses! Choose from polarized or non-polarized, and pick the color that suits your mood. From ‘Fire’ red to ‘Ice’ blue, the world will look a whole lot cooler from behind your Sungods. And lastly, you can even customize the logo color on the side of the frames. Because who doesn’t want their shades to have a little extra bling? With these customization options, your Sungod sunglasses won’t just protect your eyes; they’ll show the world your unique style! Now, go build your own pair!


Can’t forget the price in a Sungod Review. The best part? Sungod’s sunglasses are affordable. With prices starting at just $75, you can get a high-quality, customizable pair of shades without breaking the bank. Plus, they offer free shipping and returns, so you can try them out risk-free.

Sunglasses Fit

Check out Sungod’s FAQ and use the sizing guide. All shades use a 3-measurement rating. Width, bridge, and arm length. Compare them to your current shades and get the right fit.

Trent’s Buy’s Official Sungod Sunglasses Review:

We are all in on our Sungod. The Classics, Renegades, and Sierras. These beauties aren’t just for show – they’re impressively practical too. The super-light frames feel as light as a cloud, making them perfect for any adventure you throw their way. Perfect for any activity. For us, we love them for golf, the frame sits perfectly on top of your hat when you bomb a 300-yard drive while golfing.

Buy and build yours today at

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