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Henson AL13 Safety Razor Review

Never Waste Money On Blades Again With The Henson AL13

Shaving every day could be the worst activity for the modern man. Sprinkle in the fact that Gillette takes a full paycheck from you when you need more blades. I have tried them all – Harry’s, DSG, Dorco, and even most recently the heated $200 razor from Gillette in search of the perfect irritation-free shave. I finally decided to give the olde single-blade safety razor a try after some impressive social ads were served up to me.

Enter Henson Shaving – with some very impressive Insta/TikTok advertising, I was caught by the design and ethos of the brand. A company known for aerospace engineering is taking a run at a perfectly machined safety razor! Count me in.

HARSH TRUTH – there is a learning curve (round 1 was a bloodbath) – more on that below. However, after my first couple of shaves with the Henson AL13 – it’s a thing of beauty. After that initial shave, I have not had any irritation or cuts – even when shaving against the grain. This thing is a game changer given the fact that 100 blades are $9.99. I am in.

Henson Shaving Ad That Got Me


The Henson AL13 is precisely machined with a distinct design for a lifetime of exceptionally smooth shaves.

♬ original sound – Henson Shaving

What is a Safety Razor vs Cartridges

A brief history and introduction to the concept of safety razors.

With the invention of multi-blade disposable razors, the safety razor became less popular. They claimed to give a closer shave with less irritation and offered convenience. But at what cost? The ongoing expense of buying new cartridges adds up over time, and the plastic waste generated is harmful to the environment. Additionally, many people find that these cartridge razors often lead to more cuts and irritation due to the multiple blades pulling and tugging at the skin.

This is where safety razors, like Henson’s AL13, come in—just one double-sided blade, sitting in a handle with minimal overhang to prevent cuts.

Meet the Henson AL13 Safety Razor – a cutting-edge, modernized safety razor

This razor has a sleek machined design with 5 available colors. I went with Copper.

The single blade of Henson AL13 offers a far more precise shave, gliding over your skin, cutting hair at the surface, and leaving your skin smooth and unviolated unlike the onslaught of multiple blades in a cartridge.

The DESIGN: This precision-milled product presents the blade at the perfect angle every time. The blade has minimal overhang which means it is more rigid for less chatter. Less chatter = less irritation. Large channels allow for easy cleaning during use.

With Henson, it’s a case of less is more: less irritation, less wastage, and less money spent on constantly replacing cartridges. And just superior engineering.

Henson Al13 and 100 RK blades

Anatomy of the Henson AL13

A breakdown of the Henson AL13’s design elements from their webpage (source hensonshaving.com):

  1. Clamping Force: Rather than a gentle bend across the entire length of the blade, the head of the Henson torques the blades as close to the edges as possible to maximize the rigidity of the blade. Rigid blades shave better and cause less irritation.Henson AL13 Clamping Force
  2. Free End Length: Think of a diving board. The longer the board is, the more flex it has. A razor blade is no different. We support the blade as close to the cutting edge as possible, reducing any flex the blade can experience during a shave.Henson AL 13 Free End Length for less irritation
  3. Blade Precision: If the blade isn’t held in the exact same spot every time you shave, you greatly increase the odds of something going wrong during a shave, so the Henson is machined with tight positional and dimensional tolerances ensuring a repeatable and safe shave.
  4. Built In Angle: Finding the right angle is easy with the Henson. We built a fixed 30-degree angle in for you. This makes picking up and using a Henson a breeze whether you’re shaving your face, head, or body.
  5. Wide Open Channels (for cleaning): The wide open channels let shaving creams and hair easily rinse from the razor head. Don’t fight with a clogged razor.Henson AL13 cleaning channels
  6. Nitronic 60 Bushing: The stainless steel bushing pressed into the razor head gives the handle a clear stopping point when closing the razor, and reduces binding when loosening the handle. It just feels better.

Save money and use fresh blades almost every time

100 blades for the Henson AL 13 cost $9.99. Yes. 100 Blades for $9.99. Each blade is good for 2-5 shaves. I purchased the RK blades from Henson that are specifically made for the AL13 but you can use ANY safety razor blade.

Recycling benefit: Unlike disposable razors that end up in landfills by the millions, contributing to a recycling nightmare, the Henson AL13 flips the script. Being a safety razor, its blade is the only part you’ll ever need to replace and those little metal blades are 100% recyclable.

How to Use A Safety Razor

Achieving a Close Shave: Using the AL13:

A step-by-step guide covering how to shave with the Henson AL13, referencing the demonstration video.

There is a learning curve here when coming from a Gillette. But stick with it, and you will find this thing is amazing.

Key Takeaway – Do not apply too much pressure – especially on your neck, let the razor do the work. Seriously, much different than a Mach 3 – do not press to hard.

Watch this video and you are good to go. It did take me 3-4 shaves to get a feel for this.

Wrapping Up: Why the Henson AL13 is an Excellent Choice

The TikTok aerospace advertising is what got me interested. Throw in not spending a paycheck on blades again, a highly engineered device – I was sold. After a couple of shaves, I got the hang of the Henson and it is the best thing around.

Honestly – this thing is great – a super precise device that saves you money.

Give it a try. You will be happy (after 3-5 shaves).

Scoop a Henson AL13 Today!

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