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Reviewed: SwitchBot Hub 2 with 3 Hygrometers

As a parent of a child with asthma, we recently had an indoor air quality report done on our home. The report was fascinating, top to bottom reviewing where mold can and will grow in your home. This sent me on a deep dive into the best humidity sensors for your house. As a smart home guy, I stumbled on the SwitchBot Hub 2 with 3 hygrometers which I think hands down is the best option.

This was a super easy install and our main area of concern was our crawl space and the humidity range there. The humidity readings were staggering and concerning all at the same time.

Let’s dive in and I will explain why this is the best option in the game which also happens to have some sweet smart home features as well (like being able to control your tv with your phone!).

TB Quick Hits (Summary):

  • Measuring your the humidity in your home is more important than you think
  • If your humidity is above 60%, particularly in attic or crawl space – it can lead to mold growth
  • Mold can cause health issues
  • Install a hygrometer (humidity sensor) to monitor your home’s humidity – this one is our favorite

Hidden Mold Danger: The Importance of Monitoring Home Humidity

Excess humidity can contribute to mold growth by providing the perfect environment for it – wet and warm. To be clear the goal is that the humidity in your home is 40% – 60% as measured by the humidity sensors (fancy name – hygrometer).

The biggest problem with excess humidity is that it’s often not visible, so having a reliable sensor to monitor this helps us make informed decisions on how to best protect our home from mold.

Anything above 40-60% mold can grow. Everyone’s bodies process mold, some better than others, and our son is at high risk. We had to take action and chose the SwitchBot for this job.

What Makes the Switch Bot Mini Hub 2 So Special?

The biggest benefit is that it comes with three hygrometers, which will enable you to accurately monitor your home’s humidity levels in multiple places around your house.

The hygrometers are IP65 Dustproof/Waterproof, Suitable for Indoors & Outdoors – a scientific way of saying they are safe to use outside.

SwitchBot Waterproof Hygrometer Humidity Sensor

This is great but probably the coolest side feature is the Switchbot Hub is actually a smart home hub and allows you access to all their other products. From actual switch controllers to automatic curtain openers the options are endless. See the full range here: https://us.switch-bot.com/collections/all

MOST IMPORTANTLY it can actually control your TV from your smartphone. So gone are the days hunting through the couch. I thought this was the best feature (aside from keeping our home and kids safe).

Hub Mini 2 4 in 1 Smart Home Device

Installation and Cost

Installing the SwitchBot Hub 2 is hassle-free. I went down in the crawl space (which actually is the worst part of this whole deal) and you hang the sensors with the attached rope in three corners of the home.

Plug in the Mini Hub 2. Download the app and you are off. It will store two years of humidity data. The numbers will start rolling in immediately.

At the time of writing this review, the SwitchBot Hub 2 is priced at $86.

SwitchBot Hygrometer Installed at Trent's Buys HQ
Hygrometer (Humidity Sensor) Installed at Trent’s Buys HQ
SwitchBot Hub Mini 2
Main Hub Installed at Trent’s Buys HQ

Shocking Humidity Readings and Results

After installing the SwitchBot Hub 2, I was stunned by the readings. Trent’s Buys HQ’s humidity levels were alarmingly high, similar to a rainforest! Thanks to this data, I decided to purchase a dehumidifier, which has effectively resolved the issue. Without these sensors, I would have been aware of the severity of the problem.

Here is a real image from my phone:

SwitchBot Screenshot with 80% Humidity
89 – 90% Humidity (essentially a mold growth factory)

This means it is essentially raining in our crawlspace!!! This was the data we needed to finally purchase a dehumidifier. Fortunately, this has worked. However, if we did not install these sensors we would never have known how bad it was.

Bonus Round!

Apart from its humidity monitoring capabilities, the SwitchBot Hub 2 doubles as a TV remote.  It easily connects to your TV and other devices that use Infrared, such as receivers and cable boxes, providing added features. Using these features is extremely easy and I hide this white box behind the TV. You can add any functions that use Infrared. So you can control your receiver, cable box, etc. Really cool functionality and has been a savior when I have lost (misplaced) the remote.

SwitchBot IR and TV Control
Bonus Feature: Control Your TV From Your Phone

Budget Option

If you are curious about the humidity in your home and on a budget, this $10 hygrometer can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and tracks humidity in the home. While not fully IP65 waterproof it can be used in areas that won’t get heavy rain. I had it in the crawl space for some time and it survived. The Bluetooth range was just enough I didn’t have to go down to the crawl space every time. Just stood over the floorboard the ThermoPro was located.

ThermoPro Hygrometer
Budget Option Hygrometer

Switch Bot Mini Hub 2 Recap | The Best Smart Home Humidity Sensor

I highly recommend the SwitchBot Hub 2 with 3 hygrometers as the best smart home humidity sensor. Its TV control functionality, WIFI connectivity, and compatibility with other smart home devices make it a worthwhile investment. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your home’s safety and comfort with this exceptional humidity sensor. Now that we have a SwitchBot hub, I plan on getting the curtain opener or some of the switches that make any dumb switch smart.

Scoop yours today here: LINK


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