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The Beauty of a Custom Tennis Racket

I believe in sports gear helping you perform at your peak. It probably doesn’t really matter, but I live by “look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp.” Growing up playing tennis, teaching at a local club, and playing in college, my “sticks” were my magic wands. You had to love not only the performance but also the look. Recently, I decided to go full custom with Wilson. You get to select all your colors, paint, finish, and add your name. A super fun process and the final result is spectacular and super high quality. I will walk you through the process and explain why it is worth the wait and the extra $49. Also, I swear I play better on the court with this thing.

The racket comes in an epic custom works bag with a personalized bag keychain to match your racket.

Wilson Custom Works Racket
Wilson Custom Racket Presentation – Fantastic Unboxing Experience

TB Quick Hits (Summary):

  • Wilson Custom Rackets are an amazing way to create your own design and stand out from the crowd
  • Choose colors, finish, and personalize your racket
  • It is 100% worth the extra $50
  • The worst part is waiting for shipping – rackets take 8-10 weeks to arrive

Choose Your Model | Demo Before You Buy

Before you get too attached to that sick color combo or fancy paint finish, you need to make sure that the model you’re getting fits your game, so you can hit some winners at will. Wilson allows you to customize four models: Pro Staff, Blade, Clash, and Ultra. Demo these; below, they are in order of “player frame” – Pro Staff being the mac daddy. During a demo, feel their weight, grip, and how they handle your game. Once you’ve found your racket, head to Wilson Custom Rackets to start!

Here is how Wilson.com breaks down the models:

Pro Staff: “Pro Staff is perfect for experienced players seeking a classic feel, precision, and high-performance. It’s been endorsed by numerous tennis legends, including Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, and Stefan Edberg.”

Blade: “Blade offers a dominating feel for aggressive ball-strikers seeking ultimate control. A favorite among the professionals on the tour, this racket is meticulously tailored and constructed for avid tournament players.”

Clash: “The Clash delivers the perfect synergy of power, control, and comfort, providing an easy and effortless experience. Its cutting-edge technology makes it an ideal choice for all-around players seeking to enhance their skills.”

Ultra: “Ultra is the perfect option for those seeking to add effortless power to their game. Its unique construction provides easy access to power, allowing players to hit the ball with extra pop and confidence.”

Choosing Your Tennis Racket Grip Size

Now that you know what model to go for, it’s time to get a little handsy – with your racket grip size. There is not much science here – the grip size of your tennis racket just has to feel just right. Too small, and you might be overcompensating with extra wrist action and causing elbow pain. Too big, and your handle could slip right out of your grip like a bar of soap. But how do you find your perfectly sized grip? Start by picking up a racket. Your fingers should comfortably wrap around the handle without feeling cramped. If there’s no room left between your fingers and your palm, it’s too small. If there’s a big gap, it’s too big. Remember, the right size grip makes all the difference, so take the time to make sure your racket fits like a glove.

Customize Your Game: Wilson Custom Racket Design Options

Wilson offers a plethora of custom racket design options. Grommet colors, base paint, accent paint, logo colors, and you can personalize with icons and your name. You can even select the type of finish. I highly suggest gloss – most Wilson rackets are matte, so I went with gloss to stand out. So go ahead, style it up, and let your racket be a reflection of your unique game. Remember, in tennis as in life, it’s all about making your mark!

Trent's Buys Custom Wilson Racquet
The Magic Wands at Trent’s Buys HQ

Unleash Your Inner Agassi: Step By Step Guide To Customizing Your Wilson

  1. Navigate to https://www.wilson.com/en-us/custom/rackets
  2. Choose a Frame and String PatternChoose a Frame and String Pattern
  3. I play with a Blade 16×19 | Wider string patterns promote more spin, and tighter patterns add more controlWider string patterns promote more spin, and tighter patterns add more control
  4. Choose Bumper and Grommet color – I went with whiteChoose Bumper and Grommet color
  5. Pick Top of Hoop Color – I chose whitePick Top of Hoop Color
  6. Click FRAMEClick FRAME
  7. Choose Frame Color – I prefer the gloss paint finishChoose Frame Color - I prefer the gloss paint finish
  8. Logo color time – I went with white to stand outLogo color time - I went with white to stand out
  9. Blade Logo Color – silver was the closest I could get to the whiteBlade Logo Color
  10. Updated logo colorsCustom Updated logo colors
  11. Choose Your Grip SizeChoose your grip size and color
  12. Click “ADD TEXT”Click "ADD TEXT"
  13. Add your text – Trent’s Buys for meAdd your text - Trent's Buys for me
  14. Final Step – click add graphic – I went with the American FlagFinal Step - click add graphic - I went with the American Flag
  15. Click “Continue”Click "Continue"
  16. There is your beauty. Now the hard part. Wait 8-10 weeks. But it is WORTH IT.There is your beauty. Now the hard part. Wait 8-10 weeks. But it is WORTH IT.
  17. ADD to Bag and you are done!ADD to Bag and you are done!

Trent’s Buys Wrap Up

Now the worst part, waiting 8-10 weeks for your BEAUTY. But I can say the finish and swag are worth every penny. At every clinic I go to, people ask me what kind of racket I have. So go on, unleash your creativity, and make your stick a reflection of you. Remember, tennis isn’t just about the swing, it’s about style too. Get out there, make your mark, wrapped up in your own personalized racket. It’s time to wait for that fire stick to arrive and then, let the games (beatdowns) begin.

Scoop yours today here: Wilson Custom Rackets

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