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Trent’s Buys Favorite Golf Polo Shirts

When it comes to golf shirts – I have tried them all. In fact, a pro shop is a dangerous place for my wallet. After purchasing most of the major brands, I wanted to share my top three golf polo brands that work on the golf course and when you need to look snappy for dinner or work.

To us, it all comes down to fit and finish. Choosing the wrong golf polo and you will have more fabric than a set of MC hammer pants to tuck in. It will fit in the wrong spots and you will be hitting banana-slice 165-yard drives before you know it. With the right fit – you have extra swagger and look like a champ. A good fit can be worn to formal occasions and provide you with the performance you need on the course.

TB Quick hits (Summary):

  • Find a fit that works for your frame – otherwise, you may blow away if a swift breeze kicks up due to excess fabric
  • We look for great fits, quality finish, and most importantly performance fabric
  • Our favorite is Holderness and Bounce – particularly for the breathable fabric, built-in collar stays so the collar is always straight and doesn’t look like a piece of bacon

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  1. BEST Golf Polo – Holderness and Bourne

  2. Peter Millar

  3. B. Draddy

  4. Honorable Mention – RLX

  5. Least Favorite – Footjoy

What we look for:

  • Fit and finish
  • Color options
  • Performance and breathable fabric
  • Unique features

1. BEST Golf Polo – Holderness and Bourne

Holderness and Bourne is a relative newcomer to the game – launched in 2015. However, I have fallen in love with the tailored-fit polos. They have top-notch performance fabrics and great designs. The tailored fit ensures a solid tuck-in with not excess fabric. Result: you will be draining 30-foot putts in no time.

Most importantly Holderness and Bourne have the “signature structured spread collar.” They build in a “shirt stay”, which keeps the collar straight at all times. These collars look fresh from the 18th green to the board room. They hold up after the washing machine as well, I have yet to have a structured collar fail me. Is this the best modern-day invention? Maybe…actually yes. Truly sets these golf polos apart from other brands. Don’t worry, you don’t notice it while wearing it, it will not affect your 300-yard BOMBS.

Holderness and Bournce - The Best Golf Polo
Our Winner for Best Golf Polo – Holderness and Bourne
Holderness and Bourne - structured collar
The Signature Structured collar – these are always perfect


  • Structured collar – GAME CHANGER
  • Performance materials
  • Great color selections


  • Can be hard to find – not all pro shops stock Holderness and Bourne
  • No other cons – that’s why is our #1

2. Peter Millar

The JUGGARNAUT. You cannot go wrong with Millar. I would say Olde Pete practically invented the modern-day golf look. The original summer comfort polos truly revolutionized the game and quickly became the best golf polo shirts money could buy. Fit check – summer comforts are great but definitely have extra room – this is what led me to Holderness and Bourne. However, I recently transitioned to the Crown Crafted line. They have 2 buttons vs 3 and are slim fit. I would size down in the Summer Comfort line and true to size for Crown Crafted. Example – You wear a large – buy a medium in Summer Comfort and a large in Crown Crafted. You can tell by the tag and if the crown logo is printed on the back of the neck. Millar has great fabrics and good designs and you CANNOT go wrong here. Honorable mention – Peter Millar has the best QZip around.

Peter Millar Crown Crafted vs Summer Comfort
Summer Comfort vs Crown Crafted
Peter Millar Crown Crafted Logo
Crown Crafted shirts exclusively have the logo on the back


  • The industry leader – at almost any golf shop
  • Great fabrics and designs
  • The Crown Crafted line is a phenomenal slim fit
  • Retail locations all over country


  • So popular that I have found myself in the same shirt as the guy next to me

3. B. Draddy

B Draddy is another relative newcomer to the came. Founded in 2013 they have seen some serious growth and can be found in most pro shops around the country. I really like B Draddy’s performance line – look for B. Draddy Sport. More often than not you find their normal polos which are more cotton jersey-like material. Great for daily wear but on a hot day on the course, I need that performance moisture-wicking material to promote more BOMB drives.

However, if you can find the performance line – B. Draddy Sport it is great. The sizing can be a bit odd so be sure to try it on. I have some mediums, some larges, and they all fit which is kind of weird. I personally love some of the color touches like the solid inner collar.

B Draddy special tonal collar
Big fan of the orange tonal color treatment


  • The performance line is top notch
  • Nice color selections and swaggy touches help you stand out from the crowd that is wearing Millar


  • The performance material (B. Draddy sport) is harder to find than cotton jersey material
  • Sizing can be odd – haven’t found my perfect fit, and I hate trying things on.

Honorable Mention – RLX

Over the past couple of years, I think RLX has really upped their game hunting down that top spot of best golf polo. A solid lineup of gear, their new quilted hybrid jacket is pretty sweet. I really enjoy their polos, good fabrics, nice color selections, and fits. However, most of the shirts I come across are a 4 button and I much prefer 2 or 3-button set-ups. Some of their shirts do have a “hidden button” to keep the collar down. Not as well executed as the Holderness and Bourne structured spread collar, but is a cool party trick.

RLX Golf Polo
The RLX sleeve logo is well executed
RLX Hidden Button for Collar
RLX Hidden Button to keep collar in place


  • The sleeve loop logo tag is cool. Subtle and well placed
  • A full lineup of golf gear – a nice selection of products.
  • Multiple fits – tailored, classic, etc.
  • On one of my RLX polos the collars button down in place – not a bad touch


  • Lost of 4 button setups (I prefer 2 or 3 buttons)

Least Favorite – Footjoy

When searching for the best golf polo – this is not it. These things are made for a different man than me. Parachute and balloon sizing, I mean they are LARGE. Not to mention I think the FJ logo on the back of the neck is a bit large and in charge. I prefer a cleaner look. FootJoy does make the best golf shoes on the market so don’t write the brand off completely. I just stay away from their golf clothing.

FootJoy Golf Polo Logo
Not a fan of the big olde FJ on the back of the shirt

TB Recap

There are a lot of options out there when crushing your wallet in the pro shop. We have come up with these rankings based on our favorites. The proper shirt to help you go low on the course and finally shoot par. You cannot go wrong with any of these brands, but I cannot stress how amazing the structured collar is on Holderness and Bourne shirts and you just don’t find that with any other brand. Additionally, the tailored fit will work for about any frame and ensures there is not too much fabric. Give these brands a look and let us know if you have a different favorite.

  1. Holderness and Bourne – LINK
  2. Peter Millar – LINK
  3. B. Draddy – LINK

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