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Big Green Egg EGG Genius Review: A Smokin’ Hot Take!

EGG Genius Review

As a Big Green Egg owner, we all know how excellent this grill is. You can low and slow smoke just about anything. All meats that come off this grill are delicious. However, when doing a long smoke session I found myself constantly going outside to check the temperature and mess with the regulator at the top of the grill. Always nervous my grill would get too hot and ruin my meat. For an 8-10 hour smoke, the stress was real. Enter the EGG Genius. This sick smart device monitors pit and meat temperatures and makes the Big Green Egg automatic. Literally, set and forget. Utilizing a small fan, you control the cook via your phone, setting pit temp and meat temp. Honestly, an amazing device that makes me use my Big Green Egg more. Get the down low with our EGG Genius review.

EGG Genius - what is included

TB Quick Hits (Summary)

  • Big Green Egg EGG Genius automatically ensures your cooks are perfect
  • Egg Genius effortlessly controls pit temp and can remotely monitor cooking temperatures for a precise cook
  • Set and forget and control everything from your phone, computer or tablet
  • While expensive it makes me fire up the Big Green Egg more than I used to
  • Scoop one up on Amazon (more expensive – $275) or at a Big Green Egg dealer like Ace Hardware – $249

What is the Big Green Egg EGG Genius?

This thing is an automatic controller of the Big Green Egg FLAME! It has a small variable speed blower (fan) inside that will spin up to heat the grill when needed. With both meat and pit temperature monitors you can ensure your cook is perfect. Fire up the grill, plug in the Big Green EGG Genius, set the temp on your phone and you are ready to rock. Whether you are firing up a rack of ribs or low and slowing a pulled pork to golden perfection, the Egg Genius really is set and forget. It’s like having a backyard sous chef regulating Egg Temps. Also, I am a huge fan of the alligator clip pit thermometer probe, which makes it super simple by just clipping it on the grill.

What is the Big Green EGG Genius

The Genius Inside: Key Features

Here’s where the magic happens, all the features that enable a remote cook where you cannot mess up.

Key features:

  • Remote Control: No need to hover over your grill. Control the Egg Genius through your smartphone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your couch.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Keep an eye on the internal temperature of your Egg and your food, ensuring everything is cooking just right. Avoid a sudden temperature drop or the grill getting too hot.
  • Graphical Analysis: Want to geek out on your grilling? View graphs of your cooks and become the grill master you always dreamt of. You can even view past cooks.
  • Alerts: Get notified when your food is perfectly cooked or if the Egg temperature goes too high or low. No more burnt burgers or undercooked steaks! Also great for Low and slow perfection!
  • Temperature Control: The Egg Genius helps you reach your desired cooking temperature quickly and easily. Its blower fans the lighted charcoal and then adjusts speed to maintain the set temperature.
  • Automatic Warming Feature: Once your cook is complete, the Egg Genius automatically lowers the pit temperature to keep your food warm. Come back to warm food, not cold disappointments!
  • Smart Adjustments: Open the dome and the Egg Genius detects the temperature drop, temporarily turning off the fan to avoid overstoking the fire.
  • Power Outage Protection: In case of power outages, the Egg Genius keeps running at the saved set temperature and reconnects to your WiFi network automatically once power is back.
  • Up to 3 Meat Probes: Use up to three meat probes at once for those big cookouts. Additional meat probes can be purchased separately.
  • Industrial-Duty Thermometer Probes: Each Egg Genius comes with two industrial-duty thermometer probes for accurate readings up to 500 deg. F/260 deg. C.

EGG Genius Key Features

Grill and Chill: Using The Big Green Egg EGG Genius

You start by installing the vent adaptor. Download the Egg Genius app for your smartphone tablet or computer. Plug it in, connect the meat and pit probes and you are off and running for worry free cooking. This thing is fantastic for an overnight cook – set your desired temperature for the pit and meat and let it RIP. Not many devices truly change your experience but this does.

Pro Tip: use a Big Green Egg fire starter – just one, park it in the corner of the charcoal, light it, close the lid and let the EGG Genius do its work. The fan will stoke the fire. This seriously cuts down on the amount of prep and time lighting the coals. I used to use an electronic lighter and it took forever to get the grill going.

Egg Genius Cook Tracking
Monitor and view cook graphs

Comparing Eggs: Big Green Egg Genius vs. The Competition

Big Green Egg Genius vs. Flame Boss 400 – THE SAME!

Flame Boss manufactures the EGG Genius and it is the the same unit as the Flame Boss 400. It’s essentially the Big Green Egg’s branded version of the Flame Boss 400, a device known for its superior grill management capabilities. What does this mean for you? Well, imagine having all the top-notch features and reliability of the Flame Boss 400, but with a sprinkle/touch of the Big Green Egg brand’s trusted quality and famed customer service. The Egg Genius brings the best of both worlds to your grill.

EGG Genius vs Flame Boss 400
Look the same????

Big Green Egg EGG Genius vs. Flame Boss 500

The Flame Boss 500 is the best of the best, but in my mind, save the money and stick with EGG Genius, it gives you everything you need for the casual Big Green Egg hero.

Flame Boss 500 Enhancements vs. EGG Genius:

  • Offline Connectivity: Flame Boss 500 takes the cake here with its ability to connect to the controller even without an internet connection. Egg Genius, while not able to perform offline.
  • Meat Probe Accommodation: Flame Boss 500 wins by a landslide, accommodating up to 4 lines without the need to the EGG Genius Y probe.
  • Built-In LCD Screen: The LCD screen makes it easier to monitor your cook without the need for your phone or computer nearby. A cool addition
  • Big Green Egg EGG Genius vs. Flame Boss 500 Conclusion: The big difference here is the extra meat probe compatibility and LCD screen built in. If these things are important to you, spend the extra $100. To me, the EGG Genius gets it done.
Flame Boss 500
Integrated LCD Screen

The Smoking Verdict: Is the Big Green Egg Genius Worth It?

Ready for the ultimate cooking experience? In the grilling world of smoke and flame, the Big Green Egg EGG Genius emerges as a game-changer for your Big Green Egg. It caters to all your long smoke sessions, turning those 4-10-hour marathons into walk in the park. With its impressive features, you can “set and forget,” freeing you up to enjoy your day, party, or 18 fresh holes with the boys. For $250, it is not cheap, but it truly makes your Big Green Egg more usable and easier. I find myself firing up a lot more cooks since I purchased this bad boy.

Scoop Yours Today!

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