The Dusker Sleepbar V1.0 Bluetooth bone conducting headphone

Dusker Bone Conducting Pillow Speaker Review

Reviewed: Bluetooth Pillow Speaker from Dusker – The Sleepbar V1.0

Do you watch TV when falling asleep? Big audiobook person? White noise city for catching ZZZ’s? Personally, I watch an iPad with headphones. But this can be annoying using just one earbud as I lay down. So I decided to give this Dusker Bluetooth Pillow Speaker a chance. It uses bone conducting technology and I figure it could be the solution we are all looking for. No earbuds, just TV, audiobooks, and white noise while not bothering anyone else and nothing in your ear…. sign me up!

A Great Solution for Audio In Bed … with some drawbacks

The Dusker Sleepbar v1.0 is a Bluetooth bone-conducting speaker that you slide under your pillow. Full disclosure – IT WORKS. However one big drawback (for some) – it’s great for those who want to listen to white noise or audiobooks while they drift off to sleep. It may not be the best option for watching movies or TV shows, but I found it hard to understand the dialogue without turning it way up and hearing too many sound effects.

Read on for the full breakdown of my experience with the Dusker Sleepbar v1.0.

The Dusker Sleepbar V1.0 Bluetooth bone conducting speaker

What are Bone Conducting Headphones Anyway?

You might be wondering, “What is a bone-conducting speaker?” Well, here you go – a crash course in the magic of bone conduction. In the simplest terms, bone-conducting headphones or speakers allow you to listen to your favorite jams or, in this case, the soothing sounds of white noise, by sending mini vibrations through the bones of your skull directly to your inner ear. Sounds weird, but, believe it or not, this neat trick bypasses the eardrums entirely. It’s like your own personal, invisible sound system. So, this is where the Dusker comes in – only you can hear it on your pillow and it uses the magic of bone conduction so you don’t have to put anything in your ear as you drift away to catch some ZZZs.

How to Use the Dusker Bone Conducting Pillow Speaker

First things first: this thing is easy to use. You just put it under the pillow. But here are some step-by-step directions:

  1. Slip it under your pillow: Slide the pillow speaker under your fluffy pillow and boom that’s it! You’ve set up your very own personal sound system.
  2. Connect it to your device: Whether you’re an audiobook aficionado or a white noise ninja, just connect the device via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet.
  3. Press play and doze off: Found your perfect slumber soundtrack? Hit the play button and let the magic of bone conduction lull you into dreamland.
  4. Auto Shut Off: Dusker will automatically shut off after 30 minutes.

Dusker Sleepbard instructions - source:

Dusker Sleepbar vs Headphones

  • Unmatched Comfort – your favorite sounds with no cords or things in your ear
  • 30-Minute Shutdown Timer – Drift off and don’t worry about playing tunes all night
  • Bone Conduction Technology – sends sounds through a pillow so your partner cannot hear.
  • Easy set up – connect and play just like any other Bluetooth device
  • 14 Night Battery Life from a single charge
  • Partner Cant hear it

One of the best features of these headphones is that only the person using them can hear the audio, making it perfect for those who share a bed with a partner. No more worrying about disturbing anyone while you enjoy your personal sound experience.

Verdict: The Perfect Blend of Functionality and Comfort… for audiobooks and white noise

The Sleepbar is a sweet product. As far as Bluetooth Bone Conducting Pillow Speakers go – I am in. It definitely works and can do the things you expect it to do. I do think it performs best with audiobooks and white noise.

The Sleepbar is more comfortable than headphones and is a super unique solution for audio when falling asleep.

If you are an audiobook or white noise person – get yourself the Dusker Bone Conducting Pillow. If you are big on movies and TV shows – I think stick to using one Bluetooth earbud. I personally use Anker Soundcores – cheap and do the job for casual evening listening.

There are plenty of Dusker Sleepbar knockoffs on Amazon that may be worth a shot but I went with this brand due to their website and reviews.

Scoop a Dusker Sleepbar v1.0 Today

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