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The Best New Custom Ski Goggles | SunGod Ullrs Reviewed

I have long been a HUGE SunGod fan. If you do some digging in the sunglass market you will find Luxotica owns almost everything. So when I went on a hunt for something more price-friendly than Maui Jim but had the same performance (reviewed here) – I stumbled on SunGod. Best part is – you customize everything!

So when the Ullrs were launched at the end of 2023 – I got the chance to give them a review. With my next slope session dialed up for February – I am all in for bringing SunGod lenses that are clearer than the human eye for my next shred. Add in that these took 5 years of R+D to create and to top it off -> Fog free. I was rather excited to get my hands on these.

What are SunGod Ullrs

SunGod Ullrs are the newest offering from SunGod and they’re not your run-of-the-mill, snow spectacles. Nope, these are high-performance, custom ski goggles named after the NORSE God of snow. I am a sucker for clever branding – this hits. I feel one with the snow when these Ullrs are on my face. These goggles are designed for those who demand the most premium eyewear, so you can see the mountain better than anyone around you. As well as those that treat skiing and snowboarding not as mere hobbies, but as a way of life.

Goggle Design and Customization

As reviewed before – the best part of SunGod is you get to customize everything. Colors, lens, strap, frame, everything!

I went through over 100,000,000 builds.

You can customize:

  • Frame
  • Lens – color and lens type
  • Strap

The strap and lens are also interchangeable so you can continue to customize at a later date.

SunGod Ullr customization options
I went through a lot of builds

Clarity of the Gods: Lens Quality and Vision

Let’s talk about the selling point – the lens quality. SunGod Ullrs ensure you don’t miss a thing when you’re snowboarding or skiing.

Nerd data time – Abbe value – this is the measurement of the clarity of lens. The SunGod Ullrs 8KO’s have a Abbe value of 45 – 70% clearer than standard plastic/polycarbonate lenses (these are nylon!) and clearer than the surface of the human eye. So to be clear – from a clarity stand point – these are going to work for you. From pros to green run champs.

From SunGod: “Ullrs™ lenses are constructed from a cylindrical, dual-layer material, featuring triple-layer scratch resistance and anti-fog coatings for long-lasting vision and durability. This is paired with a compact goggle geometry that enhances spatial awareness and reduces glare.”

Comfort is King: Fit and Feel

The initial fit and feel is fantastic. I love the ventilation at the top and bottom, and the screen over the top ventilation. This ensures nothing gets in on your goggles. The foam is comfortable and dual-layer. The goggles are the perfect size are not huge on the face.

Love the rubber strip (anti-slip backing) on the inside of the band – will help keep these on your dome or helmet.

These feel great. Not too heavy, perfect fit. 9/10 all around. As mentioned before – fog-free is a HUGE win.

SunGod Ullr Comfort features

Battle Tested: Durability and Performance – GUARANTEED FOR LIFE

Yes, you read that right. One of the best things about SunGod is their frames are guaranteed for life. They replaced my SunGod Classics frame free of charge – no questions asked.

My first foray with these on the mountain will be in February of 2024. However, based on fit, feel, and finish these hit the mark. Add in the triple-layer scratch resistance technology – I am not worried about these bad boys holding up.

Come back here in February to see my in-depth on mountain review. In the meantime just been rocking these goggles around the house – really getting to know them.

SunGod Ullr frame vent system

Price Tag: Value for Money

Is it worth scooping some SunGod Ullrs? Starting at $150 these are a great value for money play. You get some of the finest lenses and the ability to customize your look. Which arguably could be the most fun part.

Throw in the premium packaging, comfort and all-around experience. I am in.

SunGod Ullr Packaging
Great unboxing experience

SunGod Ullr Pamphlet
Breakdown of Ullrs Tech

Verdict: Your New Go-To Ski Goggles

Named after the Norse god of snow – these are a great addition to your ski lineup. Priced right and they let you customize anything. I see no reason not to add these to your arsenal if you are in the market for lenses or a new look.

I love that SunGod focuses on Lens Quality at the right price – with a top-notch Abbe Value for clarity, triple layer scratch protection, and fog-free – THESE should be your go-to goggle to SHRED.

Scoop a pair of Ullrs Today!

SunGod Ullrs Tech Specs

  • Measurements: 99mm (h) x 172 mm (w), offering a mid-size universal fit
  • Compact goggle geometry reduces glare and improves spatial awareness
  • Interchangeable frame, lens and strap options, with anti-slip strap backing.
  • Re-engineered lens fit system for improved ease-of-use
  • 8KO®Snow Lens Technology (available from w/c 18th December ‘23; standard Snow Lenses available until then) with triple-layer scratch resistance and anti-fog coatings
  • Enhanced frame vent design improves ventilation and reduces snow & moisture access.
  • Designed for maximum compatibility with modern helmet designs.
  • Suitable for Over-The-Glasses use
  • Verified Carbon Neutral through ClimatePartner, with recycled and recyclable packaging.

About SunGod:

SunGod is a British performance eyewear brand, founded in 2013 with offices in London and Verbier, Switzerland. Their mission is simple: See Better. Through their lenses, through their actions, and through doing business better. Starting out as a crowdfunding campaign in 2013, SunGod has grown to become a globally recognized performance eyewear brand, that is performance-driven, community-built, and sustainable to the core.

SunGods are worn by elite athletes and teams around the world, and their partners – who range from WorldTour cycling teams like Liv Racing Xstra and the INEOS Grenadiers, to globally recognized names such as England Rugby and McLaren F1 Team – prove the performance of their products at the very highest level.

SunGod has also built a business model that puts people, planet and profit on equal footing. As a certified B Corp and Carbon Neutral brand that donates over 1% of revenue to sustainability-focused charities, sustainability lies at the heart of SunGod’s business model. In May 2023, SunGod was also awarded the prestigious King’s Award for Sustainable Development. Together with their athletes, partners, ambassadors, and customers, SunGod’s mission to See Better is multiplied.

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