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Chirp Wheel Review: A Game Changer for Back Pain Relief


The Chirp Wheel has been a personal revelation for managing and alleviating back pain. It’s designed as a quick solution for back pain, soreness, and tightness. I took a dive on this thing two years ago and haven’t looked back so here is my Chirp Wheel Review. It is perfect after throwing out my back playing golf or tossing my kids around, even helped when I injured my back on a 360 dunk on a 7-foot rim. It stretches your back and can provide a deep tissue massage experience.

TB Quick Hits (Summary):

  • The Chirp wheel has been a lifesaver for minor back injuries.
  • Simply roll out the pain.
  • The first time I used it my back cracked like crazy … which was weird.
  • 2-3 days of rolling has solved any issues that have popped up.
  • 100% better than foam rolling

Chirp Wheel - 3 sizes - Large, Medium, Small

Chirp Wheel Review: What is it?

The Chirp Wheel is a simple device designed specifically to alleviate back pain. It’s shaped like a wheel (shockingly), allowing you to roll your back over it, applying pressure uniformly across your spine. The wheel’s unique design targets the muscles around the spine, releasing tension and promoting flexibility. The padding is designed to not hurt your spine – in technical terms – the spinal canal.

Chirp Wheel patented spinal canal

The Chirp Wheel is straightforward. You place it on the floor, rest your back against it, and roll. As you roll, the wheel applies pressure along your spine, stretching the muscles and relieving pressure points. This action improves blood circulation and eases pain.

The Chirp Wheel comes in three sizes, each serving a specific purpose. The largest wheel (12 inches) focuses on gentle stretching and is perfect for beginners. Truthfully, I have only really used the big one. My back is super tight, and I am yet to graduate to the smaller ones. The medium-sized wheel (10 inches) delivers a moderate (I would say severe!) stretch, while the smallest wheel (6 inches) offers a deep stretch and targets specific points along your spine.

Chirp Wheel Review - Key Features

How to Use the Chirp Wheel for Back Pain Relief

Super easy to use this bad boy. Slap it on the floor on a flat surface and kneel behind it. Position the wheel against your back, between your shoulder blades. Slowly lean back onto the wheel, using your legs to control the pressure applied. Gently roll back and forth, allowing the wheel to stretch your back muscles. Remember to breathe deeply and relax your body for the best effect. The Chirp Wheel can be used daily or whenever back pain strikes, offering immediate relief and promoting long-term back health. I just use it when my back hurts.


  1. Place the Chirp Wheel on a flat and stable surface, ensuring enough space to move around.
  2. Kneel down behind the Chirp Wheel, positioning it at the base of your spine.
  3. Slowly lean back onto the wheel, aligning it between your shoulder blades or at the spot where you’re experiencing discomfort.
  4. Use your legs and core to control the movement and pressure, rolling back and forth on the wheel gently.
  5. Extend your arms over your head as you roll back and forth
  6. Breathe deeply and let your body relax as the wheel massages the targeted area.
  7. Adjust the wheel’s position as needed to target different areas of your back.
  8. Continue this process for about 5 to 15 minutes. A couple of good rolls back and forth does the trick
  9. Use the Chirp Wheel daily or as required for back pain relief. Remember, consistency is key.

Does The Chirp Wheel Work?

Chirp Wheel Web Reviews: An Overview of User Feedback

Yes, the Chirp Wheel does indeed work according to internet people who have shared their experiences on Amazon. The product currently stands at an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on thousands of customer reviews. Users frequently highlight how it relieves back pain and stress, and its high-quality construction, and its ease of use. Reviewers all agree that it delivers on its promise of back pain relief. For around $100 The Chirp Wheel is a worthy investment for those seeking non-invasive solutions to ongoing back discomfort.

My Chirp Wheel Experience

From the moment I unboxed this unit – the Chirp Wheel, I was excited to see if it lived up to the Instagram ad hype. The first time I used it, my BACK POPPED like crazy. It was weird but felt great. I noticed immediate relief in my lower back, from driving the ball 330 yards (eh, 270). The Chirp Wheel’s design allowed me to stretch my spine more than traditional foam rollers. Over time, consistent usage of the Chirp Wheel has significantly improved my back pain issues. As an avid golfer and a parent juggling childcare, my back frequently goes down hard. However, the Chirp Wheel has proven to be an effective solution. A couple of rolls every time I feel pain. I use it for 2-3 days and boom, back in the game. It really is like a deep tissue massage.

Wrapping Up The Chirp Wheel Review

While the Chirp Wheel comes with a slightly steep price tag of around $100 for some plastic wheels, its value is in how well it works in combating back pain. I find myself repeatedly reaching for it at the first signs of pain, it works 90% of the time. So, despite the 100 bucks, the utility and relief it provides make it worth every penny. The Chirp Wheel has truly become a trusted unit when my back flairs up. The Amazon version below has a 4th wheel, I have not used that. As mentioned above, the big wheel is my jam.

Purchase Your Chirp Wheel On Amazon

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