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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Baseball Gloves | A2000

Customize Your Own Baseball Glove

For baseball players, the right glove can make all the difference. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a coach, a regular bro or just starting out, a custom baseball glove can elevate your game to the next level. Not to mention you will bring some serious swag to the field. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to stand out on the field with a unique design that’s tailored specifically to you? In this ultimate guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about getting your very own custom baseball glove.

I was recently gifted a custom glove by my brother, wife, and best friend (yes they are a bit pricey… but worth it). Not only is this the finest glove of all time but they enjoyed the process of creating the most epic custom baseball glove “build” more than actually gifting it to me.

TB Quick Hits (Summary)

  • Custom sports gear is amazing and worth the incremental cost
  • Wilson has an epic custom glove builder
  • Have fun creating your own design and sport your swag on the field
  • We walk you through how to execute the perfect glove

What is a custom baseball glove?

A custom baseball glove is a glove that is made specifically for you. Unlike store-bought gloves, custom gloves are designed and crafted to cater to your unique preferences and needs. From the size, color, materials, webbing, and overall design, every aspect of your glove is personalized and reflects your individual style. Let’s just say you are not confusing this glove with the boys on the team.

Custom Initials and American Flag!

Why should you get a personalized glove?

Apart from the obvious on-field swag factor, a custom baseball glove provides numerous benefits that can enhance your playing experience. Firstly, you get to choose the exact fit and feel of your glove, ensuring maximum comfort and performance. You will be snagging balls like Ken Griffey Jr. in his hay day with the Mariners. Secondly, a custom glove allows you to optimize the design based on your position, playing style, and hand size. Lastly, a custom glove is crafted to last longer than store-bought gloves, making it a great investment in the long run. Especially with the epic PRO Stock leather. This is what the pros are shagging balls with.

Pro Stock Leather on Trent’s Buys Custom A2000

How do you get one?

Getting a custom baseball glove is easier than you think. There are a variety of companies that specialize in creating custom gloves, with different options and price points to choose from. Some popular ones include Rawlings, Wilson, and Nokona. The process usually involves choosing your glove model, leather type, color, webbing, and embroidery options (if applicable). Some companies even allow you to upload your own design or logo for a truly unique look.

We went for the custom Wilson A2000You really cannot go wrong with Wilson. The advisory staff sends an sweet letter and custom Key Chain that we promptly put on our son’s baseball bag – give the boy some swag!

Custom Baseball Glove Keychain
The Custom A2000 Keychain is included with the glove. The reverse side has matching purple stitching.

The Build Process

Head over to

  1. Select your position
  2. Pick your series – we went for the A2000 11.75″
  3. Pick your leather – skip superskin. You cannot beat Pro-Stock leather. Break-in is harder but it is worth it.
  4. Choose color for leather, trim, laces, and stitching.
  5. Now the fun part – Personalize!
    1. Sticking and logos. American Flag and initials for us.
    2. Palm stamp
  6. That’s it – you are done!

Tips for designing your custom baseball glove

When designing your custom baseball glove, it’s important to consider the following factors:

– Position: Different positions often require different types of gloves, so choosing a model that caters to your position is important. Trent’s Buys Pro Tip:  Here you should definitely select the right size and model.

– Webbing: Select the webbing that aligns with your position and playing style. For example, outfielders often prefer a deeper pocket and H-web or trapeze web to help catch fly balls. Trent’s Buys Pro Tip: Webbing is a crucial selection based on position. We went for the I-web as it’s a great infield all-rounder.

– Materials: Consider the type of leather and other materials that meet your needs and preferences. Some players prefer a lighter-weight glove while others prefer a stiffer glove for increased durability.

– Size: Measure your hand size accurately to ensure the perfect fit for your custom glove. Trent’s Buys Pro Tip: Wilson has a great sizing chart here to help out – Sizing Chart

Caring for your glove

Once you get your custom baseball glove, it’s important to take proper care of it to ensure maximum longevity. Some tips include:

– Avoid excess moisture or heat exposure
– Regularly clean and condition your glove to maintain its shape and performance
– Store it in a cool, dry place when not in use
– Only use the glove for baseball-related activities to prevent unnecessary wear and tear

Custom Baseball Glove Break In

Once you get your custom baseball glove, it’s important to break it in properly. As a former pro once told me, just PLAY CATCH. In fact, that’s a Trent’s Buys Pro Tip: Just play catch. No oils, no steam, just work it in naturally. Yes this is the harder route but stick with it.

Break in tips:
– Play catch
– No oils
– No steam
– No need to rubber band and sleep on it.


Here she is in all her glory. The colors match my college. The boys added my initials and an American flag. You also get to customize the pocket, again paying homage to old glory another American Flag – LOVE it.

Custom Baseball Glove Pocket
Custom A200 American Flag Pocket

Customize Your Baseball Glove Today!

A custom baseball glove is a great investment for any baseball player looking to maximize their performance and style on the field. With the ability to personalize every aspect of your glove, you can create a truly unique and functional piece of equipment that reflects your individuality. Remember to choose a reputable company, consider your position and playing style, and take proper care of your glove to ensure it lasts for seasons to come. This glove is not cheap, but as my brother confidently pointed out – “this is not just a glove, it is a family heirloom!” He is certainly right, I plan on passing this bad boy down through the generations and with the right care, that is possible.

Customize Your Own Wilson Glove

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